Operations manager

Mary Ellen DeFrias is Operations Manager for Stove Boat. She began her career with the City of New Bedford, Massachusetts as a Grant Writer and Project Manager for the City’s Community Policing Program. She has continued to build on that her experience throughout her career. Mary Ellen has participated in all spectrums of the grant writing process, from research to implementation. She has also worked for the Town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts and The University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, where she has added to her grant writing and project management expertise.

In addition to overseeing all operations for Stove Boat, Mary Ellen also opened DeFrias Group with her husband in 2010, where she has continued to write grants, as well as expand into the procurement arena. In her role at Stove Boat, DeFrias Group, and in the communities in which she is engaged and working, Mary Ellen has taken on all aspects of financial planning, database administration and management, human resources, and strategic partnership building.