Editorials, Letters, and Op-Eds

We’re experienced in developing proactive op-ed campaigns, and have a successful track record. We have conducted major, nation-wide op-ed campaigns in the past, with our work appearing in nationally syndicated and highly competitive publications. From the Seattle Times to Washington, DC’s well-read and respected Roll Call, Stove Boat has developed a skill for strategically and directly targeted original op-eds and will make use of these skills as needed.

In the event of negative publicity surrounding an issue, direct outreach to specifically targeted publications will be necessary. We can reach out to these publications’ editorial staff to pitch an op-ed from the perspective of the industry. Our staff will also draft and submit op-ed pieces to such publications on your behalf, and will require your coordination in these efforts. The goal of using this tactic is to oppose inaccurate information and correct it as soon as possible through mainstream media.