Website Development and Content Management

Our staff includes alumni from top-tier technology companies, and we know that a comprehensive media relations plan—one that presents your message through the right channels, at the right time, and in the most positive light—must include digital media. Your website, news updates, and social media networks all reflect the value of your brand or message, and connect you with important audiences across web and social channels.

Stove Boat’s experience in online communications and branding allows us to design and execute successful digital strategies. We tailor your online look and tone, platform portfolio, and messaging content to best advantage your priorities. To meet these needs, we use leading industry software tools in addition to selecting strategic initiatives that best serve your unique communications, including:

  • Redesigning your websites to modernize design and streamline brand identity
  • Rewriting existing site content to set a consistent tone and style that articulates your mission and work
  • Creating new content showcasing your brand, relevant news, and work
  • Growing followers by creating a site newsletter
  • Developing and regularly updating social media accounts to amplify your voice and gain website traffic
  • Monitoring and analyzing site traffic, relevant news, and media performance

Stove Boat supports your communications objectives by designing, developing, and managing these resources. Each of these tools works together to better deliver your message. A constant flow of excellent, original content on your website, social media accounts, blog, and news feed in turn improves rankings on search engines and your social shareability, increasing impact.

Our extensive technology and design expertise allows us to tailor every detail of online identity, including website building, graphics creation, and search engine optimization. The continual flow of content through communications channels, supplemented by newsletters, blog posts, social media, and more, has been proven to increase digital reach.