We specialize in understanding complex issues, researching the facts, and producing written work of the highest journalistic standards. Not only do we provide publications with quality materials but we also provide original sources and references for everything we produce. Allowing the publication to do their own research and fact checking makes our work stronger and reduces the amount of work it takes for publications to use our materials. We go the extra mile to avoid miscommunication.

  • Being able to understand an industry and communicate the importance of its causes is key to achieving your goal.
  • Being dedicated to providing journalists with verifiable facts is key to our credibility.
  • Behind our work is our team, who diligently researches and verifies all facts for the issue at hand.

In order to deliver a message, our staff employs a number of different tools, one of which is the Saving Seafood news website. It delivers content to its audience through its own original articles and analyses, email alert lists, daily news updates, and our social media presence. This has driven substantial traffic to the site, and it is currently the third most visited website for fisheries related news in the US.

In addition to Saving Seafood, we use outside international marketing and publicity services, such as PRWeb and PRNewswire, to distribute content to both broader national and international media markets and niche industry audiences. The combined result is an outreach network connecting to a large global audience.